Behind the scenes at the museums

Graphic Designers Surveyed, thoughts and statistics from nearly 2,000 practitioners in the UK and US / which sent us back to Grafik Magazine, now online only but still brilliant / The Principality of Lichtenstein: from ‘WHAAM!’ to ‘WHAAT?’ at Paul Gravett’s website / iconic reuse: Antti Lovag’s Maison Bernard renovated by Odile Decq (currently fighting to save an early studio project, the BPO Building, from demolition) / the Sheats-Goldstein Residence is given to LACMA. John Lautner’s masterpiece is almost as much associated with its owner as the architect / David Astor, a life in print: ‘… it is easy to relish the rollicking chapters here about the golden age of a long-vanished Fleet Street, before Pilates and San Pellegrino came in, when any semi-educated reporter was capable of writing crisp and concise English; when Dickens, Meredith and Goethe could be discussed knowledgably by typesetters; when everyone smoked and drank themselves comatose and a newspaper had brilliance and bounce’ / discrete photographs from a a trip to North Korea.

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