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The origins of Chicken Tikka Masala / the death and life of a great British pub, fascinating insight into development, gentrification and all those things / sort of related, Exclusive Planned Community or Adult Film Performer? / the Alvin Boyarski Archives, on show / What is the future of the Architectural Review? An end to print, for a start. The physical documentation of buildings gives them a certain gravitas (one that far outweighs the impact or reach of the publication itself). How will architects react to the coming end of print documentation? Will buildings become more and more ephemeral in response to the simplicity of casual reproduction they enjoy online?


Prints and things via Print Process / collage by Ben Stainton / PYTR75, a blog about architecture / the more lavish the bunker, the more one awaits the apocalypse with eager anticipation? (and the less one cares about the mess one leaves behind…). Via tmn / a beautiful collection of car brochures assembled by Hans Tore Tangerud. Even more (via MeFi) / working Toytown Coupe. Otherwise known as the Cozy Coupe, which is occasionally flagged in the media as the best-selling car in America or even the world. It’s probably one of the most frequently abandoned / screengems: things with a critical role in films / two sources of alternative, jazzy music: Different Perspectives In My Room..! and Inconstant Sol.

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