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Patrick Baty is a historic paint consultant. His weblog includes such gems as the Traditional British Colours used in the Coronation of King George VI, complete with the colours of the British army and heraldic colours: ‘There are five colours used in heraldry and two metals. Metals when not shown in gold or silver are represented by yellow and white respectively. It is one of the rules of heraldry that colour should not be placed on colour nor metal on metal and great care therefore, has to be taken in the use of white and gold in flag designing which is, strictly speaking, a branch of heraldry.’


Run out grooves catalogued at Vinyl Remarks. A Porky Prime Cut and more, the story of George Peckham (via Ask) / for when a lilo isn’t enough, the Sports Park 60 complex / ‘I have seen the maps with which she studied geography. The parallels and meridians were made of wire; the boundaries of kingdoms and provinces of embroidery in linen, silk, or wool of various thickness’. From Diderot’s Early Philosophical Works. See also An Atlas for the Blind. And, perhaps, Taryn Simon’s image of Playboy’s Braille Edition / Fuck Yeah, Cartography / the Rotary Mechanical Smartphone, an object by Richard Clarkson.

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