Back online, mastcam deployed

Apologies for the long silence. The usual round up of links to start off with. build the Curiosity Rover out of Lego (official page). See also, Curiosity camera design, or how 2004 tech made it onto a 2011 spacecraft thanks to long, long lead times. And how it used to be done (or not done): recovering a failed spy satellite film canister / unrelated, the thoughts of Mars Curoisity / ‘Dust: Egypt’s Forgotten Architecture‘ is the name of a new photography book by Xenia Nikolskaya, looking at the country’s abandoned and neglected 19th and 20th century buildings, all largely overlooked.


A weblog by Buzz Andersen / 10 million combinations available with Rory’s Story Cubes / all about Orbital / all about Skinny Puppy. Tracking SP samples was an early online activity / related, Who Sampled, ‘the Ultimate Database of Sampled Music, Remixes and Cover Songs’ / Jake Warga photographs expos and conventions / Weight of Objects, a tumblr about our relationship to things / Google Hurdles: doodle origins / Gagra, an abandoned resort town on the Black Sea.


Thoughts on Wine at HTC Experiments, or rather natural wine: ‘But the urbanity of wine is more complex – a historical and contemporary phenomenon. Vineyards were planted by people from cities, growing grapes for people in cities. Most wine today is consumed in cities. Of course it is made by someone – a wine-maker – but that person is not some romantic loner. Rather, they are part of a complex social and economic network that ties them, and their labor, in a reciprocal relationship to the life of cities.’


The Tempest May Howl, a look at post-war German architecture, amongst other things / the all-encompassing non-fiction book is slumped in the critical doldrums at the moment, what with the excommunication of Jonah Lehrer, Morozov’s excoriation of the cult(ure) of TED (via MeFi) and even Gladwell getting a kicking. Jill Lepore’s The Mansion of Happiness: A History of Life and Death looks like it would be up our street, though, featuring everything from cryogenics to the origin of the baby-carrying Stork.


Exactly what is it with nautically themed math rock? Tied to the Mast are the latest band to cross our radar, but there’s also the excellent Listing Ships. A few years ago, there was the rivet-obsessed Bristol band Ivory Springer, and a few years before that there was the incredible The Edmund Fitzgerald (a name more familiar to Gordon Lightfoot aficionados), which eventually fragmented into Foals. There was also the proto-math band Shipping News, which seems to be above the waterline still.


Ministry of Works Advisory Leaflets from the 1950s / 1:1 scale model of 1959 Aston Martin DBR1/2 / Emily Escaped, ‘holiday homes for design lovers’ / Nomad, an arts organisation. See also their tumblr / The Architecture Observer, a new publication / Cigarettes and Alcohol, the story of Andy Capp, a strangely popular British newspaper strip cartoon / watch David Icke do a nine-hour presentation at the Medina Theatre, Isle of Wight, next month. Or rather, don’t, since as one commenter notes, Icke believes the island is ‘a breeding farm for Masonic child sacrifice’.

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  1. Matthew says:

    As far as nautical themed rock goes, Teeth of the Sea are pretty great.

  2. vanderleun says:

    Well, back with bells on. Nice post!

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