Back from the brink

Apologies for the long absence. Architecture: ten Zaha Hadid designs that were never built / Peter Zumthor’s first project, from 1970, ‘available to rent for a weekend at half the price of the latest Zumthor 850-page long monograph‘. At the great OfHouses, ‘a collection of Old Forgotten Houses’ / Bluecote, the (mostly) British experience of Modernism / the quest for the world water speed record has an 85% fatality record / Wikipedia in Angola is a place where pirated films are hidden in image files / a review of Rowan Moore’s Slow Burn City (monumentally unwieldy URL, will probably die soon) / NY after the collapse, ‘the plants take over when the humans leave the city‘ / Fotomat, ‘a pioneer in rush-processing, and became massively popular by offering one-day turnaround, which had previously seemed unheard of’. At Lost Laurel, a blog devoted to the history of Laurel, Maryland.


Photography by Alec Dawson / The State of Kuwait, linoprints by Dan Howden / Tracking Time, by Camilo José Vergara (via Kottke), a deep-level ‘then and now’ exploration of New York, Chicago, Detroit and more (see also Phil Collins past and present, also at Kottke) / James Mollison’s series on Libyan Battle Trucks / photography by Chris Dorley-Brown / Allen Jones Loves Women, But Can Women Love His Art? / The dead water parks at the heart of Disney World Florida, an exploration by photographer Seph Lawless / exquisite urban details from Matthieu VenotInstagram / Øystein Sture Aspelund’s architectural series ‘Cyan‘.


Design. The ultimate exploration vehicle / the home of typographer Alan Kitching / an early book by Nikolaus Pevsner, Visual Pleasures from Everyday Things / Beyond the Sea: unexpected vistas of the world’s coastlines / Project Greenglow and the battle with gravity / Have fun with these Chrome Experiments / Plastic Surgery With a Mouse Click, on the increasing use of digital body changing in film / the terrifying possibly of the Ostagram / Apollo 11 Saturn V Launch Camera E-8 / Design Facts.

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