Back and forth

The true, twisted story of the Amityville Horror / What We Know About the Navy’s UFO Problem / a 3D model of Apollo 11 / behind the scenes at the Summer Palace, Pricegore and Yinka Ilori / an archive of Postmodernism / photographs by Arch McLeish / collections belonging to Dan Cherry / Pitchfork / The Rescue of the Ennis House, a ‘perfect Hollywood script’ / James Goldstein’s Ever-Expanding World / the Maison de L’Utopie, Belgium, by Marc Held / Merkaba, a house with its own version of Jenck’s Garden of Cosmic Speculation / buy, and drive, Thunderbird 2 / Little Gems, forgotten British children’s TV. See also Telly Spookery, which assembles some fine TV plays and series from the hauntological past / London’s Secret Rivers, a new exhibition at the Museum of London Docklands / Kicks Condor tackles things.

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