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Things we learned

Open for Business, 1966 VW Van brochure / the end of Every Frame a Painting / 52 things I learned in 2017 (also via K) / for her 90th birthday, Elton John’s estranged mother hired an Elton John tribute act … Continue reading

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Tech talk

What ‘Tech World’ did you grow up in? Interactive nostalgia courtesy of the Washington Post. A world where there are speed trials with mouse robots in Japan. The robot learns the maze first then returns to the start point to … Continue reading

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A history lesson

Things has been online for nearly 18 years. Our first website was hosted by demon and still lingers on somewhere, and then we switched to, scraps of which still exist in the Internet Archive. It’s strange how such comparatively … Continue reading

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Bouncing down

Jim Carrey and Andy Kaufman scene comparisons from Man on the Moon. Now watch Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond – Featuring a Very Special, Contractually Obligated Mention of Tony Clifton / the delightful Vistabule teardrop travel trailer / an … Continue reading

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Deep dive

Paintings by Kirsten Tradowsky / cars are getting bigger (via Cartype) / eight years of construction: Official Louvre Abu Dhabi Time-Lapse 2009 – 2017 / Making a violin in less than two weeks / reviews from the audiophile man / … Continue reading

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Something in the water

A tale of derring-do, boundless courage, optimism and rank ignorance: self-taught rocket scientist plans to launch over ghost town. Leaving aside the flat earth theory, amateur rocket travel is a truly eccentric niche. A few years ago, Copenhagen Suborbitals was … Continue reading

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Shoe leather

Why Amazon’s ‘last mile’ is such a grind for those who have to walk it. A world that has created devices like the Flexbot6 / London’s Architectural Association threatens major cuts / Gurafiku, a tumblr about graphic design in Japan … Continue reading

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Making things happen

Various things. paintings by Yoko Akino / 13 Horror Films for Architecture and Urban Design enthusiasts / Jony Ive on Apple Park / interactive novation fun / car models by Stephane Dufrene / Ministry Assistant is an app designed for … Continue reading

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Medical ‘innovation’ issue. Sergio Canavero Is About to Perform the First Human Surgery — and There’s Nothing to Stop Him. Maybe includes mild spoilers for the recent BBC R4 drama, Tracks. See also, These conjoined twins can share each other’s … Continue reading

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Construction photographs by Mårten Lange / the sound of the underground, fifty albums you probably haven’t heard (or even heard of). Mine the comments for more / also related, an elegy to the cassette tape / other forgotten media, The … Continue reading

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Here they all are

This is where we’ve been putting all the links. Incredible Doom, a web comic (via MeFi Projects). Recommended / another comic: A Fire Story / useless design features in modern products / J Mascis to sell lots of excess gear … Continue reading

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Built environments

A collection of Lost Modern buildings / Mariah Carey and the sound of Christmas / Now do London / music from The Barnslou Trio / 8 built projects that inspired: ‘five urban housing cases, which despite being architecturally overlooked, … Continue reading

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Small connections

Some views of Japan, an Instagram about the small stuff by writer Naomi Pollock / a box of maps: Everywhere, from Herb Lester / Sirens of Chrome, a gallery and interview at tmn about the motor industry’s use of spokesmodels, … Continue reading

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Mapping’s Intelligent Agents: ‘How do machine intelligences read and write the world?’ / a fascinating dip into the ‘Inexplicably Fascinating Secret World of Thomasson. While not a word we would have used, ‘Thomasson’ means ‘a preserved architectural relic which serves … Continue reading

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Everybody lies

‘As Seth Stephens-Davidowitz points out in his new book Everybody Lies (Bloomsbury, £20), researchers have studied the difference between the language used on Google, where people tend to tell the truth because they are anonymously looking for answers, and the … Continue reading

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Publishing things

Epic amounts of creative work at wallpaper*’s guest editor retrospective: Zaha Hadid; Dieter Rams; David Lynch; Christian Marclay; Frank Gehry; Hedi Slimane; Kraftwerk; Louise Bourgeois; Philippe Starck; Robert Wilson; Laurie Simmons; Liz Diller; Rei Kawakubo; Taryn Simon; Lang Lang; Karl … Continue reading

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Into the deep

Some art: Nina Baxter; Kat & Kin; Barbara Mullarney; beautiful paintings by Ylva Ceder; intense botanical works by Eggert Pétursson / architectural paintings by Ben Johnson / cityscapes by Hugo Moreno / Liza Dimbleby / a vast collection of videos … Continue reading

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Invite Weep Castle

What 3 Words translates every address in the world into three words. The potentials for poetry are enormous / the wit and verve of the Highgate Mums / paintings of London by Sue Sichel / the Peckham projects of architect … Continue reading

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Random round-up from here and there

Wave Girl, a culture blog / an interview with Slowdive’s Neil Halstead / inspirational item of the week: The Great Blueness. At I Am Acrylic / Cars on Film, a tumblr, not to be confused with the Internet Movie Cars … Continue reading

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Checks and balances

Citywide transportation based on gyroscopic balancing buses. Some beautiful animation, and defiantly utopian. See also this city of rotating buildings from 2007 or do away with commuting altogether and just wait for work to come to you: the Clockwork City … Continue reading

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