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Repurposed spaces and reissued things

Bolshy Flatblock: The buildings of A Clockwork Orange, Modernism in Metroland on the architectural legend of the film. One for Coudal’s Stuff about Stanley Kubrick section / the architecture of Pablo Escobar Jr / an archive of Yahoo Answers / … Continue reading

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Going underground

‘A hidden vault under the old Astoria nightclub has been unearthed by Crossrail builders and it has revealed an unexpected history of one of Britain’s first condiment suppliers‘ / sort of related, archive images of some amazing early C20 salt … Continue reading

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Aural Excitements

Some fifteen years ago, we collaborated on a marvellous project with the Sonic Catering Band, bundling a little 3″ CD, Apotheosis with issue 15 of things (sadly now sold out, although we still have a few CDs). We worked with … Continue reading

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Watch and learn

Some things to watch / recreating dead actors. Presumably the Peter Cushing estate didn’t think to license his image so this one was a freebie / the evolution of Formula 1 steering wheels / Pop Up, a short film / … Continue reading

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101, Dalmations, 101; Toast counts individually, 102

The remarkable 8-Bit Beatles want to chirrup their chiptune back catalogue at you (via MeFi) / also on the blue, Trains with the faces of men, a compendium of links about Thomas the Tank Engine, the series that unwittingly mines … Continue reading

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Supposedly fun things (with Bluetooth)

There are countless silly things coming out of CES, including the nugget of information that the Faraday Future FF91 is only 9 (not 6) inches narrower than the new London Routemasters (2283mm to 2520mm). One of the more fascinating and … Continue reading

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No longer leaving the building

Mini Metros (via Kottke) / unrelated, the Mini Metro story / a bunker refurbishment / similar aesthetic at Something Concrete and Modern / more residential concrete, the Haus Ruscher by Olkruf / vintage electronics / The Age of Female Dominance … Continue reading

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Things to start the year with

No reviews of the year here. Just some links / medieval forensics and more at Sarah Woodbury’s blog / photography by Thorsten Klapsch / The Lives They Lived, personal spaces (tidied and cleaned) photographed shortly after death / staying with … Continue reading

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Jumpers for goalposts

FIFA, the video game that has actually changed the culture of the game it is simulating (and not always for the better): The data Fifa draws upon has become so accurate that teams have started to use the game to … Continue reading

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Cats and boots

RayGun FX Super Fuzz Boy. Bzzz / Thomas Doyle, artist / 0s&1s has an interview with Tony Tulathimutte, author of Private Citizens / a satisfying film of a pen plotter test performed by the Edison Pen Company / is the … Continue reading

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Eat, drink and be merry, graphed

The Secret World of Stuff / fast food calorie counting gets an infographic / Time’s 100 photos of the year / David Titlow, a photographer with a blog / Woobots, wooden transformers / Patrick Henry Village, from US Army base … Continue reading

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Links for the week ahead

London Ends, the edges of the city in photographs by Philipp Ebeling / we want to believe, part 396: a lush, vegetation-filled jungle city might actually be a thing. More investigations into the media image of the unbuilt at Failed … Continue reading

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Finding oneself

Now that everyone has a global atlas in their pocket, we’re looking further and further afield to find ways of exploring places that might not otherwise be easily found, either in real life or in the imagination. A selection of … Continue reading

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Out on the ice floe

Some random links / music: The Cherry Wave / Courtney Love, Rem Koolhaas and Martha Stewart: together at last / more music at When the Sun Hits / photographer Deidre O’Callaghan’s new book is ‘The Drum Thing‘, portraits and talks … Continue reading

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Raising up

Other things and random thoughts. The Pioneering Spirit is a truly big thing, the largest vessel ever built at 403,342 gross tons and 123.75m wide (Wikipedia), designed specifically to lift oil rigs without the need to dissemble them. With a … Continue reading

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Built up to knock down

News of the slightly unusual edition. BA boss shocked to find out that third Heathrow runway will raze his HQ. BA’s Waterside, an award-winning office block by Niels Torp, looks set to be a casualty of the forthcoming third runway. … Continue reading

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Hugged to death

Modern Berlin is the latest map from Blue Crow Media. The spike of interest in architecture-related travel continues unabated with Phaidon’s Mid-Century Modern Architecture Travel Guide: West Coast USA. Modern architecture has always had this problem of being reduced to … Continue reading

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Good maps

The crumbling infrastructure of the nuclear age intersects with religious fervour in North Dakota’s concrete pyramid / paintings by Phil Hale (via Hi-Fructose) / Unkee E, a flickr stream rich with illustrated and printed ephemera / Peter Serafinowicz’s Sassy Trump … Continue reading

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Things to do

Thomas Edison’s Hugely Ambitious “To-Do” List from 1888 (via Coudal) / Photographic Reunions in Peterborough by Chris Porsz (via Kottke) / t- e ni h?m-are of·`a c ty, an experiment in atmospheric virtual city-making (via RPS) / British problems / … Continue reading

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A selection of recent photography

Photography by Mischa Haller / see also Amelia Shepherd’s project Peacehaven in III parts / photography by Sarah Janes / The Politics of the Office is a photographic series by Andreia Alves de Oliveira, quietly chronicling the subtle ‘system of … Continue reading

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