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Check your head

Getting inside the head of the man who was Frank Sidebottom / related, Chris Sievey’s The Biz, a Spectrum game from 1984. While we’re at it, the Thompson Twins Adventure from the same year and the (critically acclaimed) Frankie goes … Continue reading

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Bold and bright

Pavilion fix. Help get Pricegore’s Colour Palace off the ground, a collaboration with the artist Yinka Ilori / The man who takes tech apart – so we can learn how to fix it, a piece on the photographer Todd McLellan … Continue reading

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Stairs to nowhere

A few snippets. some thoughts on online magazines, courtesy of the founder of The Millions / Everywhere At The End Of Time – Stage 6, a final release, apparently, from The Caretaker / Bauhaus-style logos of famous brands at Kottke … Continue reading

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Standing under stones

Recalling random acts of kindness / Fixing Computer Space, restoring one of the earliest arcade machines / three-dimensional origami made of fabric backed plywood by Sinead Fahey / Toyota Lunar Camper concept / an obituary of Sir John Richardson, biographer … Continue reading

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Crack an egg

How to Study the Bible – the Language of Colour, by Thomas Macklin, 1909. “A highly idiosyncratic, eccentric and colourful engagement with his Bible by an East Anglian merchant, who over a twenty year period (c.1888-1909) extensively annotated the volume … Continue reading

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Accounting for

Book things. Money, money, money, 404 Ink on the economics of contemporary publishing. Matching publishers with corresponding dinosaurs. a series. Both via the always information Mr Benneworth-Gray / ‘Dieter Rams “regrets contributing to culture of overconsumption” says documentary director‘ / … Continue reading

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Warm electronics

Material Matters is a new podcast about objects and making by the design writer and critic Grant Gibson / Synchedelia: Beyond the Dark Side of the Rainbow, which links to the epic and Alternative Synchs, but fails to mention … Continue reading

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The haunted world

Into the Eerie, a radio documentary touching on the work of the late Mark Fisher, PJ Harvey and many more (via MeFi). See also What is hauntology? And why is it all around us? The eerie’s urban cousin / other … Continue reading

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Space and light

The New American Home is a Condo; how much space do we need to live? / paintings by Chloe Wise / ten extraordinary effects pedals / classic cars as animals, art by Frederic Mueller, via hotvvheels / from 1993, a … Continue reading

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A clutch of collections, ancient and modern

Some things to browse, starting with the incredibly accurate cutlery drawer simulator (via b3ta) / Tiny Commotions, a weblog / Fan Ho’s Street Photography of 50s & 60s Hong Kong (at kottke) / Building on the Built, an architecture website … Continue reading

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Cabbages and things

Berberian Sound Studio becomes a stage play. See our earlier post, Aural Excitements / all the strange things are collated and presented by 41Strange, which is a veritable dark cave of the uncanny and the esoteric in 20th century media … Continue reading

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Creativity and Value

I am not the next big thing, on creativity and the value of screaming into the void (via MeFi) / paintings by Andy Dixon (via HiFructose) / maps by Scott Reinhard / porcelain globes by Loraine Rutt. Some more info … Continue reading

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Rising high

Art and science. Landscapes by Cornelia Fitzroy / landscapes by Michael Reisch / the drawing archive at the Norman Foster Foundation / sort of related, I wouldn’t build my dream home in joyless, moralistic Scrutopia / A Peckham Poem, by … Continue reading

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See through

This and that. Glass art by Rachel Goswell (Slowdive) / compare and contrast with the champagne and Opal Fruit lifestyle revealed in this an oral history of Mark E.Smith / new from Morton Valence, Bob and Veronica’s Great Escape / … Continue reading

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Is anybody out there?

Art, photographs and rubber stamps by AHC McDonald (also responsible for The Worst of Perth, which ended in late 2017) / South London’s under-the-radar Cinema Museum, currently under threat (official site: Cinema Museum / the web, then and now / … Continue reading

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Stick, twist or fold

Industrial heritage on the wane: the collapse of Detroit’s Packard Bridge / a book by Trevor Paglen, From the Archives of Peter Merlin, Aviation Archaeologist / Limner Journal is about contemporary illustration / see also Books Peckham, local zine-focused store … Continue reading

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Media production

A short film about old school (i.e. 2011) magazine making courtesy of Little White Lies / Loop | Motors, Magnets and Motion: Electronic Music Instruments from the Physical World / a window back into the live music world of 1994, … Continue reading

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Dog days

Failed Architecture asks What this MVRDV Rendering Says About Architecture and the Media, a musing on the digital delusions of modern architectural imagery. The architects reply: In Defense of Renders and Trees On Top of Skyscrapers. Both sides have valid … Continue reading

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Click track

The Tom Thomson Catalogue Raisonné, worth a browse for those who love their brushstrokes / What things flopped because they arrived at exactly the wrong time? / Distant Worlds 2, a virtual expedition to Beagle Point, 65,000 light years from … Continue reading

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The Lost Car Dealerships of London

The history of the automobile is littered with lost names, as mergers and bankruptcies constantly narrowed the field. Borgward was a German brand, surviving until 1961, making a wide range of elegant and eccentric cars, pioneering technologies like air suspension. … Continue reading

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