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Root and branch

A depressing piece about architecture’s burgeoning relationship with instant social media gratification: Snapping point: how the world’s leading architects fell under the Instagram spell. The stuff about Assemble’s studio wall ultimately becoming an iphone case is extraordinary / other things: … Continue reading

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Clone wars

Charge promise to build an all-electric version of the ‘classic Mustang’ / paintings by Amy Dennis / sort of interconnected, How does someone build a rich, connected, creative life? versus Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Revised for Modern Civilization / beautiful … Continue reading

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Still desperately trying to be distracted

Rachael Smith illustrates regularly on Empathize This, ‘a place where people can tell their own stories about how prejudice and hardship affect their lives’ / music by The Expert Sleepers / Ott Art, a tumblr about art / Cocoons, photographs … Continue reading

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Sleight of hand

More things to turn your head and ears / some music by Casual Nun / contemporary cubism by Anna Ostoya / the walk above the vineyards, KEEO design / Persuasive Cartography, maps that change our perception of places / a … Continue reading

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Frivolous things: Mikutap / fun to revisit: Medieval Fantasy City Generator / Cassette Tapes are back, but then Bandcamp aficionados know the analogue feeling / totalitarian rides square up: China’s Hongqi L5 versus the Russian Aurus Senat. No word on … Continue reading

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Space for (hu)man(s) and the case of the ancient astronauts

NASA’s Legacy Gallery from activities at the Hugh L. Dryden Flight Research Center (now the Neil A. Armstrong Flight Research Center) / this next one is really not related at all, promise: Pseudoarchaeology and the Racism Behind Ancient Aliens (via … Continue reading

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It’s all connected, in the least conspiratorial way possible

Grim but essential: Everyday Plastic: ‘The UK throws away over 295 billion pieces of plastic every year’ (via the Guardian) / Darkest London, a weblog about history and the past / Concrete jungle: How Italy’s modern ruins became art. A … Continue reading

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Flowers of romance

Paternoster Lifts: Dangerous, Obsolete and Quite Fun / Puzzle Montage Art by Tim Klein (via Boing Boing) / the Museum of the Flat Earth / SUBTLE: Delicate or Infinitesimal, an exhibition at Japan House London. Includes flowers by Paper Eden … Continue reading

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War gaming

Trafalgar pyramid? A look at an alternative London, a strangely steampunk arrangement of future visions / Tree House in Glass by Broissin Architects / Microkorg tape loop jam / Wargames and the end of the world: the disastrous feedback loop … Continue reading

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Random noises

The Sonic Boom Acid Fuzz / illustrations by Tim Easley / drawings and watercolours by Miles Thistlethwaite – see also Washing-Line Portraits / photographs by Thorsten Klapsch / The Bus, by Paul Kirchner (via This Isn’t Happiness) / building the … Continue reading

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Art and catastrophe

The Miniature Calendar / dense drawings by Sandow Birk / Tapas, a collection of short videos by Bonella Holloway containing ‘filmed actions edited according to their soundscape and rhythm’ / making a Lego automaton / all the Saturn V launches … Continue reading

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Finding lost places

Another deep dive into digital mapping by Justin O’Beirne, this time looking at new developments in Apple Maps (via Kottke). It’s the usual extremely thorough dive into map comparisons for accuracy, style and detail, with the strong caveat that however … Continue reading

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Go west

My Life Cleanse: One Month Inside L.A.’s Cult of Betterness / dredging project reveals hidden rooms at Blenheim Palace. See also the ‘underground ballroom’ at Lea Park / the world’s tallest statue in India / a gallery of disgusting food … Continue reading

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Top and tail

Current Affairs writes about Mansion, ‘the Friday Wall Street Journal supplement reviewing the wild extravagance of the hideously rich’ / compare and contrast with Courier, which ‘reports on modern business and startup culture’ / nominate London’s worst public sculpture. We’ll … Continue reading

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Second lives

Appropriate for the season, some creepy latex art by Sarah Sitkin, probably nsfw / lavish praise for Zumthor’s Secular Retreat, countered by excoriating vitriol in the comments / something altogether more wholesome? the Dennis Severs House at Christmas. Recommended (official … Continue reading

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Falling down

The cathedral drawing series of the late Dennis Creffield / the Apollo of Gaza, lost, found, confiscated and now lost again? / PEOPLE + CULTURE = TECHNOLOGY, a tumblr stuffed with things (thanks to Ankkit) / photography by Bethany Crutchfield … Continue reading

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A Zig-Zagging Croatian Villa That Blends Into The Hillside, by Proarh Architects (at Ignant) / abstract art by John Taylor / we are building a new definition of authenticity for future generations to navigate: Actors are digitally preserving themselves to … Continue reading

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The noise was impressive

“Kennedy Ground. For the last time. Speedbird Concorde 2 London Heathrow“, a beautifully researched post on the legacy of the Concorde. Always a good opportunity to pull out these grainy images of the final three aircraft coming into Heathrow, 15 … Continue reading

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Outsider art

Old, and possibly superseded, but a list of the top ten most offensively decadent homes in the world is good old-fashioned click-bait. Go straight to McMansion Hell for a palate cleanser / other things. Art by Kim Roselier / pronunciation … Continue reading

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On our obsession with model villages, an extract from Simon Garfield’s In Miniature: How Small Things Illuminate the World. A journey that takes you from the Floridian ruins of Splendid China to Jimmy Cauty’s The Aftermath Dislocation Principle (more), miniature … Continue reading

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