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Slow, inexorable decline

The story of IT, how the Segway was hyped and boosted and failed to match sky high expectations (via MeFi). We have fond memories of zipping around the hangars at Farnborough Airfield with Dean Kamen back in the early days. … Continue reading

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A Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain That Rules from the Centre of the Ultraworld

A small selection of things. Invoking Betteridge’s law of headlines: Does London really need a gigantic glowing orb the height of Big Ben? The mocked up view from nearby apartments is properly dystopian / speaking of which, some more photographs … Continue reading

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Collision time

Tangerine Dream: Zeitraffer, an exhibition at London’s Barbican (via Synthopia) / a curated selection of Google’s best doodles / an Oliver Hill classic given the contemporary makeover treatment. This listing / Citizen magazine, an architectural journal / local issues: Ryde … Continue reading

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The Hill of Shame

Not that hill. A People’s Architecture, Owen Hatherley on Elain Harwood’s new book Mid-Century Britain, a plaintive, puzzled cry of loss for ‘a new world that was light, optimistic and without angst, a carefree vision of a society devoted to … Continue reading

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Let the Doodle Champion Island Games begin! Speedruns are available / Adam Hillman arranges objects neatly / ‘A Complete Digitization of the 1960s Magazine Avant Garde‘ (via MeFi, via Open Culture) / music by A Formal Horse / The Sounds … Continue reading

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Sounds and sights from beyond space

A very random collection of things. Fire Maidens of Outer Space (1956) / water simulation on kinetic displays / photorealist paintings by Ben Weiner / love this: noclip, unfettered exploration of classic 3D gaming environments in a browser (via b3ta) … Continue reading

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Six underground

The Airstream Funeral Coach, ca 1980s (via Cars That Never Made It) / Vintage Covers. Sci-fi reimagined / beats and samples by Wan-Vox / always worth a visit, Synth History / Eileen Gray’s E-1027 House completes its restoration / entertainingly … Continue reading

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The eternal circle of nostalgia

Dispersing the Capsules: ‘Although the Nakagin Capsule Tower, an icon of Metabolist architecture in Tokyo designed by Kisho Kurokawa, could not be saved, plans are afoot to remove the capsules, refurbish them, and donate them to museums in and beyond … Continue reading

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Down, boy

Why Do Electric Cars Look The Way They Do? Because They Can, on the design challenges and opportunities of electric cars (via WITI? and Kottke) / vintage drum machine quiz. Pretty esoteric / exploring the Ice Factory, Grimsby, soon to … Continue reading

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As above, so below

Farewell to Kristen Richards, creator of the excellent ArchNewsNow newsletter / on tunnels beneath the ocean. Deep Blue Sea Thinking / the Lovell House as a furniture store / the late Rick Mather’s own house and roof garden / Davit … Continue reading

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Rock and bricks

Aesthesys, an instrumental progressive band from Moscow (via Doom Rock) / indie rock by Morning Eagle / ‘The original, unaltered period photo into which actor Jack Nicholson was composited to create the iconic photograph seen in the final shots of … Continue reading

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How high’s the water, mama?

Aqua Aesthetica, ‘Visual Research on Sea Level Rise’ by artist Marijn Achternaam. See also, ‘Stories to save the world: the new wave of climate fiction. Still sort of related, a house in a water tower / Inventive Vents: A Gazetteer … Continue reading

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Different takes on the future

Photographs by Thibaut Derien (via El tiempo en cucharitas de café) / so what problem does this solve exactly? The Aska flying car-roadable helicopter / The Story of the MiniDisc, ‘Sony’s 1990s Audio Format That’s Gone But Not Forgotten’ / … Continue reading

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The architecture of revenge

Explore the Autobus Park No.7, ‘Kyiv’s Soviet Modernist Vehicle Graveyard’ (via Architecture of Doom) / The Design of the Roland Juno oscillators (via cdm) / related, creating the pads from Pacific State / the men who collect houses. Related, is … Continue reading

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Ephemeral links

Things from here and there. The Zagato Zele / The Topography of Africa, old relief maps / Norwegian sounds from Monolia / possessed pianos by Them / a model of Dawson’s Heights in South London / The ‘visual beauty’ of … Continue reading

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S/he moves in mysterious ways

The mystery of Salvator Mundis, a question of attribution, provenance, and the careful shifting hundreds of millions of dollars around the world. Via The Guardian. There are estimated to be several billion dollars worth of art tucked away in these … Continue reading

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Click, clack

Another collection of disparate links. We’re long out of the Lego game, but their sets continue to be interesting. This world map looks a little intense, however. This Typewriter is fun / see also Lego bass. Not a kit / … Continue reading

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Space, sliders and spheres

A collection of links that mostly speak for themselves. A Brief History Of Gasoline: A Century And A Half Of Lies, the first of a ten part series at Jalopnik that explores the toxic culture of misinformation around fossil fuels, … Continue reading

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Birth, school, work, death

TONTO, ‘The Original New Timbral Orchestra’, the invention of Malcolm Cecil, who died last month. Listen to Stevie’s Wonder Men for more insight into the innovation, as well as the album by Tonto’s Expanding Head Band / farewell to Ken … Continue reading

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It’s a blimp, Frank

How Washington Got Hooked on Flying Saucers: ‘We must hold Team Space Poltergeist to the levels of skepticism, seriousness, and scrutiny it pretends to demand’. Instead, we heartily recommend a dose of Metabunk (via MeFi) / The Mill House, by … Continue reading

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