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The Stuff that Surrounds You

Fay Ballard’s new exhibition of drawings at Eleven Spitalfields is entitled ‘House Clearance‘. Ballard is the daughter of JG Ballard and the show is in response to the process of clearing his Shepperton semi following his death in 2009 and … Continue reading

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36 ventilators, 4.7m³ packing chips

36 ventilators, 4.7m³ packing chips, an installation by Studio Zimoun

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Deep and meaningful

More music things. Transcribing Piano Rolls, the Pythonic Way – ‘I wrote this post to show that just filming piano rolls in action is enough for transcriptions purposes’ / Kim Gordon meets Rudolf Schindler / The All-American Music Map / … Continue reading

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Press to play

Music things. All about the Sony Walkman TPS 12 (via Kottke) / recommended sounds: Ummagma; Cheatahs; Dead Rabbits; LS001; Holy Milk; Grey Frequency; loqto; xhu alt. / Can(band), a documentary / The Delian Mode, a documentary / Breadcrumb Trail, a … Continue reading

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Links and things

We love this house, but perhaps the most interesting thing about it is the Dutch initiative ‘called “red for green” developed for agricultural areas in decline. Through this program, the Dutch government grants one building permit for each 10 acres … Continue reading

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Then and now

This great post on the changing face of New York through its lost shops and facades – STORE FRONT- The Disappearing Face of New York – and how they look now reminded us that we have been sitting on an … Continue reading

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Oceans of images

Generic Brand Video, oh the joys of stock photography / GRAD is the Gallery for Russian Arts and Design (via Travel Brochure Graphics). Past exhibitions have seen reconstructed Constructivism and Soviet propaganda imagery. It sent us back to Kosmograd / … Continue reading

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Chocks away

The UK’s lost, abandoned and obscure control towers / aerial views of UK Active & Disused Airports, Airfields, Heliports & Landing Sites / related, ghostly images of abandoned wartime airbases / Bunkertours, no longer updated but hunkering down for eternity … Continue reading

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Printed pause

Yet another shape for future magazines, House takes the meat of House & Garden magazine and splices it with a Pinterest-y scroll of nugget-sized article. Against the increasingly homogenised view of publishing that is emerging from this model, lovingly curated … Continue reading

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Monuments to a ruined age

The Japanese island of Hashima regularly crops up in online discussions of the ruins of the industrial age. A rocky island, ‘populated from 1887 to 1974 as a coal mining facility,’ it’s featured regularly in documentaries and photographic essays, the … Continue reading

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