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Top of the pops

So where are the small slivers of optimism? / a universe in your browser (via b3ta) / The Myth of the Productive Commute / the Drone Photo Awards 2021 (via Kottke) / 24 underrated websites / Bespoke Synth, ‘an alarmingly … Continue reading

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10 PRINT “RIP”, 20 GOTO 10

The Royal Institute of British Architects page at Arts and Culture / aerial photography by Brad Walls / Pelle Cass’ digitally manipulated sports photographs / Amelia, The Trilogy of Terror, fun short film from the 70s / China’s Ghost Cities. … Continue reading

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Noise annoys

This and that, starting with the Mystery of Havana Syndrome / art by Doug Reina / twitter digressions on aviation by AeroDork / landscape paintings by Lucy Kent / 25 Wallpaper* artist covers / AIDS in the Art World: A … Continue reading

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Where we’re going

Friday randomness. Art and illustration by Katherine Lam / 80s digital dashboard designs / Public House: A Cultural and Social History of the London Pub (via Wallpaper*) / Garfield thrown out of the window / Lesbian Horse, soundscapes and beats … Continue reading

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All paintings great and small

Honey, We Shrunk the Art! The Return of the Micro Gallery / creative year zero, with shades of Chris Burden’s ‘Samson‘: Commodity Fetishism, a switch that ‘in all likelyhood will destroy your power supply and, depending on a wide variety … Continue reading

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A different view

Londons – The Polycentric City, an exhibition by eight photographers, Luca Piffaretti, Francesco Russo, Henry Woide, Sue Barr, Caroline Charrel, Simon Kennedy, Andrew Meredith and Polly Tootal / Considering Immersive Art Rooms and Why We Love to Escape (via TMN): … Continue reading

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The man who went up a hill

The Secret City, the latest map from Herb Lester / O and Planks have a split 7″ covering two unexpected classics (via DoomRock) / Aoko Matsuda’s The Woman Dies, at Granta. See also, Let’s All Be Final Girls / the … Continue reading

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A mixed bag

A mixed bag. This Islington apartment has a bunker (via b3ta). Housed in the Research Building at the New River Head site / another property, this time in a former WWII observation tower in Nova Scotia / Chipperfield vs Mies. … Continue reading

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A good walk/large swathes of city spoiled

‘An 18-hole round of golf typically takes four hours to complete. During a typical summer day (8am to 8pm) that equates to a maximum number of 216 players per course. On this basis, if Regent’s Park in central London were … Continue reading

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Things get in your eye

The challenge of moon dust / the Österberg Collection Online Catalogue, the origins of netball and the gymslip / the soundtrack of Wipeout / an interview with J Masic / eBay is awash with haunted dolls / generative artwork by … Continue reading

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Noise annoys

Marc Ribot Makes the Case for Loud Music at Lithub (via tmn) / the Washington Tunnels, an underground atlas of DC / Sunday Suns, 100 suns by Tad Carpenter / minimalist techno at Naiad Records / music from The Catenary … Continue reading

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Cheery thoughts

Modern life is rubbish, part 78. Britain’s Idyllic Country Houses Reveal a Darker History. An excellent piece on the National Trust’s struggles with context and interpretation, in the face of vocal opposition from people who are seemingly desperate to avoid … Continue reading

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Visions of a life

The James Bond Corgi Aston Martin / an online book fair / art by Callum Eaton / live in a concept house in Milton Keynes / the Winnebago Heli-Home / paintings by Sarah Connell / why imaginary adverts became so … Continue reading

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Song Work: ‘Capturing the disappearing sounds of the workplace‘ / Crazy About Magazines / gaming mags at the Out of Print Archive / Wild Patterns, a website for ‘Dreamed Out Music / Vintage Obscura, streaming obscure music from around the … Continue reading

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Friday links

The art of the sub-editor, much missed / the excellent London Picture Archive / The Computer Graphics Museum has an extensive YouTube playlist / Trussart Steelmaster guitars / Radical Gaming, an upcoming exhibition about digital worlds / behind the scenes … Continue reading

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Slow, inexorable decline

The story of IT, how the Segway was hyped and boosted and failed to match sky high expectations (via MeFi). We have fond memories of zipping around the hangars at Farnborough Airfield with Dean Kamen back in the early days. … Continue reading

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A Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain That Rules from the Centre of the Ultraworld

A small selection of things. Invoking Betteridge’s law of headlines: Does London really need a gigantic glowing orb the height of Big Ben? The mocked up view from nearby apartments is properly dystopian / speaking of which, some more photographs … Continue reading

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Collision time

Tangerine Dream: Zeitraffer, an exhibition at London’s Barbican (via Synthopia) / a curated selection of Google’s best doodles / an Oliver Hill classic given the contemporary makeover treatment. This listing / Citizen magazine, an architectural journal / local issues: Ryde … Continue reading

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The Hill of Shame

Not that hill. A People’s Architecture, Owen Hatherley on Elain Harwood’s new book Mid-Century Britain, a plaintive, puzzled cry of loss for ‘a new world that was light, optimistic and without angst, a carefree vision of a society devoted to … Continue reading

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Let the Doodle Champion Island Games begin! Speedruns are available / Adam Hillman arranges objects neatly / ‘A Complete Digitization of the 1960s Magazine Avant Garde‘ (via MeFi, via Open Culture) / music by A Formal Horse / The Sounds … Continue reading

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