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Building a grudge

Who will buy your book? ‘You can depend on the enthusiasm of family and/or friends only briefly — your first few shows or whatever. After that, you’re on your own. Or more to the point — it’s the enthusiasm of … Continue reading

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Vision things

A set of urban illustrations by James Gilleard / World Airports Voronoi diagram, Jason Davies (via K) / 1971: Tomorrow’s World: Cassette Navigation / Lunar Lander House / The Cities That Never Existed: ‘What if the urban visions of famous … Continue reading

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The city’s spiky skyline

24 Hour London, a time-lapsed hi-res panorama of the city / a collection of Serpentine Pavilions / Knobs is a Youtube channel dedicated to way out effects / some analogue media finding its way back into the world of the … Continue reading

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The grand schemes of the past are always fascinating, such as the abandoned plans for the city-scourging Ringway South Cross Route / a rusty Lake Geneva hideaway / the modern (digitally-enhanced) art of the single-take blockbuster shot / building climbing … Continue reading

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“…in a long tube with a bunch of demons”

A selection stuff you probably (hopefully) don’t need. Luxury doomsday bunkers, from the likes of Survival Condo / the problem with buying cheap stuff on the internet / the ultimate upgrade. Roberts Space Industries, makers of Star Citizen, now apparently … Continue reading

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From up high

Shedley Manor, part of the grand rural tradition of hiding buildings. See also Robert Fidler’s Castle. It never ends well / paintings by Nicolás Uribe (instagram) / True Blue, a return to natural indigo / 3D map of Manhattan on … Continue reading

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Let’s go to bed

Pet People is a magazine from Sweden / Marie loves your dog / the world of prescription pets / how Ernst Gombrich helped spread the news of Hitler’s death / a visit to Le Corbusier’s La Tourette / the Cycling … Continue reading

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Alphabet street

Random things / musical installations by Trond Perry / How do I stop seeing my books as trophies? / CV hell, 30 of the ‘best’ / old but interesting: writers’ rules for writing / music from Natalie Bouloudis & The … Continue reading

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Taking a line for a walk

The Longest Route You Can Sail in a Straight Line Without Hitting Land / a wealth of imagery by M.C.Escher (via Kottke / notes on the Satanic panic / Dead end thrills and Berduu, the art of the video game … Continue reading

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A few small things. The Floppotron, music with technology / Travel on Paper specialise in selling vintage poster design / paintings by Marie Lenclos / your local legends / list of lists of lists / Dangerous Roads / 30 modern … Continue reading

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Set adrift

Another significant summit on the trail to peak internet: a Vanlife infographic, courtesy of Mighty Goods / Into the Uncanny Valley, Susan Piedmont-Palladino at Places Journal on the conscious and unconscious choices that shape architectural presentation, and how the realm … Continue reading

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High and over

How much is a word worth? A surprising variety of figures, in our experience, all the way down to absolutely nothing / if you only visit one site today, make it Britain from Above / see also Locating London’s Past … Continue reading

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Here comes the bride

The former Wedding Palace in Tbilisi, by Victor Djorbenadze became the private house of the late oligarch Badri Patarkatsishvili, the definition of a colourful character. There only seems to be one plan available online, but it sort of backs up … Continue reading

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Markings and territories

The Enfield Poltergeist made for an an interesting episode of The Renunion / a map of Europe’s Roman roads / South Hill Park, a Brutalist masterpiece in North London, for sale / on hull markings and plimsoll lines: the secret … Continue reading

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Many lane blacktop

Brutal Destruction, for masochistic concrete lovers / impressive animated VR illustration by Matt Schaefer, via the Lawnmower Metaverse tumblr / fantastic auction of classic cars, prosaic and spectacular (including some great camper vans) / Conserve the Sound, remembering the sounds … Continue reading

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Two theatres and an ice rink

The Fighting Fantasy books are back, courtesy of a new title written by Charlie Higson. FF rivalled the Choose Your Own Adventure series, but both didn’t weather the rise of first computer text adventures and then just video gaming in … Continue reading

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The right to roam

The rise of the ‘walking simulator‘ suggests virtual tourism is a thing, albeit a thing in its infancy. The most intensive and sophisticated virtual worlds tend to be those created as the backdrops for big budget games, so the news … Continue reading

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Rows and rows

The evolution of flying to Australia / Daniel Eatock’s Repaired Cars / On the trail of Dougal Douglas, walking the Ballad of Peckham Rye / Cars Matching Homes, a tumblr / Volkswagen desert art installation / handy quick links to … Continue reading

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More nostalgia, carefully sequenced

A selection of things from around and about. ‘I looked through all 14,227 Apollo photos… and made GIFs‘ / The Overwhelming Emotion of Hearing Toto’s “Africa” Remixed to Sound Like It’s Playing in an Empty Mall. Seen also at MeFi … Continue reading

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Going underground

Manod: The Nation’s Treasure Caves, an exhibition about wartime picture storage, featuring photographs by Robin Friend / Side-By-Side Photos of Paris and Its Chinese Knockoff, by Francois Prost / an exhibition about The Great British Seaside. Could have done with … Continue reading

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