Aural Excitements

Some fifteen years ago, we collaborated on a marvellous project with the Sonic Catering Band, bundling a little 3″ CD, Apotheosis with issue 15 of things (sadly now sold out, although we still have a few CDs). We worked with the SCB’s Peter Strickland, whose career has gone from strength to strength (while still, we note, keeping a hand over the sonic stove). His first full-length film, Berberian Sound Studio, is basically sonic catering writ large, although the resulting dish is very different. Strickland also oversaw a radio remake of The Stone Tape (excerpt), originally written for television by Nigel Kneale. More links at MeFi, which also flagged up a related recent play, the Stroma Sessions, the story of a new music ensemble recording an album on an abandoned island off the north coast of Scotland.

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