Atmospheric evocations

Round up today. most important / least important 2013 / Umbu scrapes the web and serves up page after page of currently popular gifs. Viewer discretion is advised / New Now Know How, a tumblr-based weblog by Ben Kraal / the Talkhouse is where ‘musicians talk music’ / architectural cutaways at Hawk Trainer / Architizer lists the architectural controversies of 2013 / 100 Years of Rock, in less than a minute / related, highly recommended music from Black Carrion, Matt Stevens and The Fierce and the Dead and the Mayors of Miyazaki.


Announcing Me-Fi Labs, a statistician’s paradise / a glorious page of retro motorhomes / art by Mathew Dryhurst / illustrations by Jane Smith / Black and White, a blog about block prints (mostly) / not NASA, but pretty spacey nonetheless, n-a-s-a, a tumblr / see also Space Engine (via) / art by Nigel Peake / Cumbernauld (via Enemies of the People) / Scavenged Luxury, a tumblr / the Circle of Useful Knowledge / ruined planet at Artificial Owl.


A History of the Future in 100 Objects (via Projects). See also The Global Things Project, set up to ‘explore the global status of things’ / the story of Photo 51, Rosalind Franklin’s (at the time uncredited) contribution to the discovery of DNA (at Codex 99) / CopyPasteCharacter, a wingding location tool / a collection of Contemporary Spanish Houses / Mister Information, a weblog about everything / illustration by Carson Ellis / we’re inordinately fond of this photo. Memory is a funny thing, because originally we believed we’d actually taken it, but the longer it’s observed, the less likely that actually seems.

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