Astral projections and space age sounds

Never Meet Your Idols, a podcast about music / GENKS, an IDLES youtube series on pedal fetishism / this interview with Wesley Snipes introduced us to the world of Dr Fred Bell’s Quantum Series Professional Receptors (”the most functional jewelry in the world’) / maybe these necklaces can help you snare one of the 20 most expensive penthouses in New York / Psyche is an online publication from Aeon / The Digital Antiquarian / breaking down Just Like Heaven / 10 Million Stars, via Kottke / Origami Simulator, via Laura Olin / The Enduring Popularity of 4-Track Cassette Recording / examples of public failures / Email is a failed state. Time for a coup, at Culture Study: ‘If the original pitch for “electronic mail” was: What if you could get that expense report memo…DELIVERED TO YOUR BED AT 6AM EACH MORNING?! I doubt there would’ve been too many takers.’

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