As above, so below

Farewell to Kristen Richards, creator of the excellent ArchNewsNow newsletter / on tunnels beneath the ocean. Deep Blue Sea Thinking / the Lovell House as a furniture store / the late Rick Mather’s own house and roof garden / Davit Jilavyan, ‘Paint Your Life‘, via designboom / Vintage Everyday serves up fascinating photosets / an interesting piece on the pervasiveness of caffeine addiction, the rise of enlightenment thinking and even capitalism / aiiaiiiyo, ‘Foodporn, historyporn, earthporn’ / chipmunks on 16 speed, into the audio uncanny valley / the Games Done Quick Marathon. See also this why is this interesting? piece on Speedrunning. WITI also links to a piece from a few years ago, Against Little Free Libraries / Skymail, a mail art project that ran from 1974 to 1978 by the late Gregory C Haymes (via Ask MeFi) / How to draw Islamic Geometry.

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