Art car bonanza

Found and admired posts from around: Portraits from the window seat: the pensive expressions of John SchabelÕs Passengers (at Overhead Compartment) / Design Decoded: The Daring Escape From the Eastern State Penitentiary (at Life without Buildings) / beautiful architectural illustration by Chris Dent / Land-Rover by Studio Job, art car by Dutch designers / the Fisher-Price A-Frame, a contemporary classic / Vintage British Aviation Posters, ca. 1920s-1930s / Chinook, the ‘World Man-Machine Checkers Champion’ and the programme that ‘solved draughts‘: ‘The revamped Chinook, which is available online, cannot now be beaten. “The best result you can get is a draw,” Jonathan Schaeffer admits.’

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  1. John Schabelos’ photos are wonderful – I love how they twist the traditional birds eye view from a plane to the impression of the nervous and pensive flyer pre take off.

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