Art and Music round-up

Illustrations by Wenjia Tang, especially Alphabet Zoo / Sightings, an illustration project by Juan Osorno (Instagram). See also the project Necessary Failures / Signalnoise, illustration by James White (via whizual) / illustrations by Vendi Vernic / illustration by Makoto Funatsu / the Web Design Museum (via tmn) / Desert highways, photographs by Irenaeus Herok (at Super Punch / Tinted Window is a new journal (via Novembre Magazine) / Terra Vivos make bunkers for the terrified / Kill Your Pet Puppy, UK anarcho-punk histories, flyers and recordings / Gym Core, ‘loops of well known music going in and out of sync’. Strangely calming / more music: minimal drone rock by Moon Duo; atmospheric post rock by Unconditional Alarms / Other Places (via MeFi) – exploring video game environments without being virtually murdered.

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