Art and music Monday bonanza

The wannabe food influencer who’s wanted by the FBI‘ / The McMansion Hell Yearbook reaches 1979 / illegally demolished London pub is rebuilt, brick by brick / bee stories / documenting the torture of writing, Douglas Adams’s 42, coming soon from Unbound / Stitched Colours / I Never Promised You a Rose Garden, a new graphic novel that starts with a ‘teenage infatuation with the late actor River Phoenix [and] morphs into a remarkable, sprawling account of the city of Portland and state of Oregon’s dark history of white nationalism’ / animations by Neil Sanders (via The Alipore Post) / a shoegaze/noise pop playlist / post rock by Hey Colossus / swirly psych rock from Sun Mahshene / music by Carnival of Light, from Argentina / ‘ambient electronic shoegazer experimental’ music from tobogganing / paranoid electronica by Wolfgang Van Eldorado / Swedish psych pop from Astral Brain / Sublime Frequencies, sounds from around the world / related, there are no bands anymore. From the links, Bardable Instruments / beautifully involved tech projects by Mike Beauchamp / beautifully finished tech projects by Love Hulten, including the custom-built (it’s all custom built) Voxarray 61 synthesizer / selling the real estate that saw action in Colombia’s drug wars / Alex Schaefer paints burning banks which occasionally incurs unwanted questions / an intriguing but technically beyond us musical pattern generator (code) / art by Natalia Vico / art by Anna Liber Lewis / Canalside Press, a small architectural imprint / The Secret Cost of Google’s Data Centers: Billions of Gallons of Water to Cool Servers.

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