Armlocks and wrangled mustangs

The story, yet again, behind Atari’s infamous ET the Extra-Terrestrial game / the arcane detail of professional wrestling holds, e.g. the Stepover armlock camel clutch / building the Barbican / Zaha goes AOR on DiD / All the vertical landing jet aircraft in history / The Apocalypse will be televised / Present and Correct sells meticulously presented collections of meticulous things / discovering a stolen Sonic Youth guitar on eBay / the menace of the coffee pods / The 36-Hour War, or imagining apocalypse just a few months after WWII / Caterpillar smartphone with built in thermal imaging (by FLIR) / a useful device when reading Stories from the Woods / Today’s teens do X less than you think / Pencill is another ‘personal curation’ website, sort of Ffffound for the new era / The World of Little Things.

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