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The Alan Fletcher Archive, a treasure trove of work from one of Britain’s best-known graphic designers, beautifully organised and presented, from Pelican covers through to the simple girl’s guide to living room, and much, much more (via Phaidon) / (related, a regular plug for our own Pelican Project) / build the Iron Giant from Lego / The Metropolitan Line, a tumblr / Photophilia, a photography tumblr.


Who will be the first to combine the remote-control pizza delivery with the thought-guided helicopter? / Archsupply, a website about the practice of architecture / iGNANT hosts a collection of exceptionally elegant gifs by illustrator Guillaume Kurkdjian / incredible desert memorial to Wreckage of UTA Flight 772, destroyed by a bomb in 1989.


The ultra-fast high rise concept from China has been kicking around for a couple of years, ever since its precursor, the 30 day skyscraper, hit the web. Now the ground is apparently being readied for its successor, the world’s fastest – and tallest – structure, intended to be built in just 7 months / farewell to Vollis Simpson, founder of the forthcoming Vollis Simpson Whirligig Park / What’s it like being in a band that you think is amazing and everyone else is completely indifferent to?

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