Architecture and objects

ATP Iceland includes a visit to the exhibition Life on a NATO Base / How I learned to love clutter / links to ambient sound recordings from around the world / Curve live in London, Town and Country Club, 27 April 1992 / My sexy werewolf novel got the most awesome review ever – from a US judge / Houghton Library Tumblr / the Willard Suitcases: ‘photographing a collection of suitcases left behind by residents of the Willard Psychiatric Center in Willard, NY’. Work by Jon Crispin. Widely seen but fascinating nonetheless. There’s an article at Salon that gives the backstory to the objects and the images.


Architecture. The house Richard Rogers designed for his parents in Wimbledon is for sale, for the first time ever / Chris Larson Rebuilt a House by Marcel Breuer Only to Destroy It / see also UN Studio’s ill-fated VilLA NM in Kenoza Lake / fake shop fronts for G8 visitors / Patric Blanc at home, king of the vertical garden / Wallpaper* architects directory 2013 / we love lists / The San Francisco Tape Music Festival 2013 / The Curated Object, things on display from exhibitions around the world / see also One Week of Design / kit car concept from Toyota.

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