Architectural drawings and old books

A short story about humanity, from a global perspective’. A compact computer simulation at Shadertoy, via RPS / the title says it all ‘Explore the history, origins and ultimate downfall of Chuck E. Cheese Pizza Time Theatre & Showbiz Pizza Place: The Animatronic Pizza Parlor Icons of the 80’s & 90’s‘ / from the archive: the first electric car to ever feature in Autocar in 1895 / Monotype’s Marie Boulanger on the nostalgic power of typography in The French Dispatch / the new Socio-Type Journal, ‘a new platform for thoughts on culture and society (that also happens to be a type specimen)’ / Single-handedly, a site about contemporary architectural drawing / related, The Architecture Drawing Prize / the world’s deepest dive pool / the Weird Old Book Finder (via Clive Thompson) / entries to the Observer/Cape/Comica graphic short story prize / the archive of the World Press Photo Contest / paintings by Katie Trick / contemporary craft recommendations, including amazing prints by Lili Arnold and Lydia Ricci’s sculptures from scraps / Kottke presents some tree root system drawings from The Wageningen University & Research.

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