Any old iron (via BBC News) is disarmingly empty at the moment, but the idea behind this non-Police controlled website is that members of the public are able to report acts of violence and get them plotted on a map. The Met already has a crime map, as well as a street-level crime tracking. It feels almost inevitable that, with its catchy name and facility for detailed description about crime and perpetrator, will be misused.


Short Circuit, a visual essay by photographer Sam Oster that takes typologies from landfill and arranges them in a museum of discarded consumer goods / 365blanc, an experiment on monochromism / Scrappies, an eclectic and appealing tumblr / the Ephemera Network is home to thousands of things / Lego Millennium Falcon Stop Motion Assembly 3d (via MeFi). There is a YouTube video of the actual kit being built, not in a computer animation.


magCulture has discovered the ultimate in ‘slow publishing’, the Singapore-based Terroir Magazine: ‘every page is printed on an A3 inkjet at the home of publisher Benjamin Koh, which takes five hours per copy; it takes another hour to poke holes in the pages for the stitch binding; an hour to bind and three final hours for the glue to dry. That’s a crazy ten hours per copy’.

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