‘Any city gets what it admires, will pay for, and, ultimately, deserves’

Penn Station, But Deliver Us From Grand Central: ‘These intercut scenes, from Hollywood films shot in New York’s Pennsylvania Station before it was demolished in 1963, or on stage sets representing it, form a composited narrative set in Manhattan’s great lost architectural masterpiece.’ (via Providence Journal and ArchNewsNow).


Still life and interiors photography by Simon Brown / planes photographed by Jeffrey Milstein / Fried Puppy Dog Discs, gigs from the past / five years of Private Fraser’s Doomed Magazines, chronicling print media’s slow decline / a 3D printed car. In the near future, someone, somewhere is going to develop a printable object that actually changes some sort of game and marks a turning point for the technology. Right now it’s all about potential and possibility. Related, The man with the 3-D-printed gun, where technology and libertarianism messily intersect.


A few tumblrs. Function is dedicated to reproducing crisp (or grainy) photographs of immaculate International Style and early Modernist architecture, most of it unsullied by use or the passing of time / Hedgehog in the Fog / scaryclaire / future thinking at Space Collective.

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