Another side of optimism

Abraham Lincoln is Watching Over You: The Strange World of Victorian Spirit Photography and the Hoax Photo Archive, both via Ask MeFi / The Atlantic tackles the Nottingham Caves (see previously) / illegal stretch limousines cut up and crushed (via newspress). A satisfying little short / cartographical schadenfreude continues apace, with the Amazing iOS 6 Maps, a tumblr.


Socialism Expo. has a flickr stream full of Soviet imagery, photography, design and more. The imagery from the magazine Technology-Youth is worth a look if nothing else – the Russians had their flying car fantasies too / the Metro Transportation Library and Archive’s photostream (via TBG) / a hugely complex Lego-built assembly line. Not exactly sure what it does, though.


Birnbaum talks to Amis: ‘You look up a word, maybe a word you know perfectly well, and you see what it’s origin was, and that word is now stamped. It’s your word. And every time I do it, if feels like a gray cell has been born in my head; instead of going out, it’s coming in.’

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