Another point of view

Rorik Smith paints remarkably dense architectural images, full of twisting viewpoints and multiple perspectives / the art of Simon Laurie / Lunch hour pops, a tumblr / The Coolhunter discovers the hidden peril of relying on social media: When Facebook disables your fan page / Very Bad Poetry / the origami house, an installation by Peter Kostelov.


Other things. Find a smartphone within the pages of Entertainment Weekly (via MeFi). 1000 special copies of the American magazine contain a ‘basic’ Android phone to pipe live text into a (nearly flat) advertisement / a lovely collection of illustrations by Ernest Howard Shepard (via MeFi) / Odiseo, ‘an independent publication for adult entertainment appealing to the confident and intelligent man of today. It includes a selection of stories with an erotic point of view, paired with the most cutting edge ideas in an exquisite uncoated smooth paper’. From Folch Studio / trials riding a racing bicycle, with Martyn Ashton. Some of this was filmed on the Isle of Wight, by the looks of things.


Betaville lets New Yorkers play real-world Sim City; sounds intriguing but the Betaville info has been pulled off the The Brooklyn Experimental Media Center (BxmC) website / The rise of megacities, an interactive guide / The Renault Car Collection / What Art?, a weblog / Anthrax guitarist turned master watchmaker / photographer Stephane Couturier’sMelting Point‘ series has a fragmented, unreal quality. Below image: Toyota Factory

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