Another fine mess

The late Elmore Leonard’s great opening lines / the fonts of Kem Weber and Disney’s deco obsession / Exploring Los Angeles’ forgotten stairways to the stars, a journey up the concrete steps of LA: ‘Our second staircase was thankfully unobstructed. Here, in 1932, Laurel and Hardy tried and failed to move a piano to the top in The Music Box‘ / a collection of strange beaches / ah, so that’s what Area 51w was all about.

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  1. Thanks for this strange beaches link, they are all quite amazing. Seeing the cows on Plage de Saleccia in France has me feel that my donkeys with Frillip Moolog beings on Cleethorpes beach is even more ‘right’.

  2. ANprojekt says:

    Why don’t u use images in the posts, It would make the blog much more transparent.

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