Anniversaries and agoraphobias

Ibirapuera Park, project, São Paulo, Brazil, Site plan, Roberto Burle Marx (Brazilian, 1909-1994) and Oscar Niemeyer (Brazilian, born 1907)

It’s 50 years since the inauguration of Brasilia (although the above image comes from a Niemeyer/Burle Marx project for Ibirapuera Park in Sao Paolo). If you want imagery of Brasilia, Leonardo Finotti’s incomparable Brasilia Project should be enough. “It’s obvious that I understand the problems derive from a metropolis that has grown and that unfortunately reflects the capitalist regime with all its vices and injustices,” Niemeyer recently said.


Bobulate, a fine weblog / Smoking Cinammon Sticks, a tumblr / This Analog Life, a tumblr / Dull Tool Dim Bulb, a weblog. An ephemerlog? Ugh / the work of Roger C.Ferri, a neo-organic architect in the collections of MoMA / Recovered 1925 Bugatti Type 22 Brescia, pushed into Lake Maggiore in 1934 (via Autoblog).


More casual links. Ink and Wit, a design and illustration weblog / A Moveable Feast, a weblog / the video game as art debate continues / this was art: Interstate 76, now available at / images of The Freedom Tunnel (from Wikipedia: ‘At its height, hundreds of [homeless] people lived in the tunnel’) / the new Strange Attractor Shoppe / Lana about Svetlana: Stalin’s daughter on her life in Wisconsin


Everyday Life Pool, a rather disjointed post by Luca Diffuse at Y Magazine about the connections between interior architecture and interior lives, and how the latter could be seen as a contemporary condition that might be ‘designed out.’ This makes explicit reference to Hikikomori, ‘a Japanese term [that refers] to the phenomenon of reclusive people who have chosen to withdraw from social life’ (also covered by the BBC in 2002, see this transcript). A quote: ‘Buried by junk food packaging and overflowing ashtrays, their erotic imaginary is directed towards virtual pornstars or 320×240 mms and webcam communications.’ See also the HikiCulture forums.

The post also cites a Japan-only PS3 game called RoomMania, where ‘the player controls a character who spends his time exclusively in his room, in real time. At the center-top of the screen the number of isolation days, coinciding with those spent playing.’ We can’t track down the PS3 version, but here’s some more information, which suggests it’s more of a psychological poltergeist simulator than the recreation of a hermit’s life: ‘each day you’re given the opportunity to float around Neji’s apartment, reading his journal, rearranging things, or searching for hidden polygon-guys for extra bonus points.’


The Onion AV Club has a fun Undercover series presents a daisychain of artists covering familiar songs / moody Niemeyer imagery by Frank Kappa / the next big thing, mobile 3D. There’s no SketchUp for iPad just yet, but the demand is there. Right now, there’s the neat but limited NaviCAD, as well as programs like WalkAbout3D for translating SketchUp environments into presentations. Having a 3D model viewer on an iPad would be a tremendous presentation tool. Is anyone working on this?

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