‘An upper cut to winter’s chin’

Google Glassholes: High-Tech Visionaries or Fashion Victims? See also, Why I’m sending back Google Glass (via MeFi) / the architecture of doom, a tumblr / recommended music by cicadaverse / Architecture.com is the RIBA’s new, impossibly glossy, portal / from The New Enquiry, an online magazine, Christian Marclay goes to Bollywood, and how Switzerland is the new Kashmir. The piece’s criticism of Marclay’s film – that it draws disparaging attention to the ‘exotic’ juxtaposition between the actors and their environment – can be read as as implicit critism of the validity of these juxtapositions.


The North Bend Aerial Ferry was North America’s ‘only aerial automobile ferry… [with a] gondola car capable of holding a single motor vehicle or 40 passengers’ / back in the early 70s, the idea of vertical takeoff aircraft was enthusiastically pursued. Hawker Siddeley developed two concepts, the HS 141 VTOL airliner and HS 140 business jet / DIY Cultures, a fanzine fest taking place this weekend in London / On the future of MetaFilter. Subscribe today.

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