An end of week grab bag

Apologies once again for the rather ragged state of the front page. We decided that a shift from to was called for, and one tutorial later the switch had apparently been made. Of course, the little blanket fort of bodged css that we had constructed around us promptly fell down. Thanks very much to the good people at Nethosted for flipping the right switches on their side and your patience is called for for a week or four while the front page (and links, all of which need to be re-entered) returns to something vaguely resembling its former self. The font situation is particularly shocking, especially so given that the next edition of things has been produced by John Morgan Studio and therefore looks a million dollars in comparison. It might also be obvious that we aren’t coders. The css that wraps the old-school bits of things seems desperately wanting in this day and age, so a lot of catching up must be done. Hopefully – hopefully – we are now future proof for a little while.


On to the links. lookbook, a tumblr site that longs for an iPad / The Atlantic, old school print turns to tumbling / Cahier de Voyage, landscapes by Paolo Bernabini / Noisy Decent Graphics on branded watches made by Omega / Skibinskipedia, design-focused / Hrm, illustration tumblr, which points us to the book sculptures and constructions ofAlexander Korzer-Robinson / Jacob Krupnick’s weblog / Because I said so, a tumblr / Mr Porter versus Port Magazine / personalised map blankets from Pistil SF. A great idea / The Made Shop, a tumblr / car culture at Chromjuwelen, e.g. the Sundancer / New York Artifact Art, via Flavorwire / terrifying amateur rollercoaster / Eating in Translation, ‘fascinating food in New York and occasionally farther afield’ / the Dempsey Press blog, a letterpress operation / the weblog of artist Sophie Munns / COMBO, ‘a collaborative animation by Blu and David Ellis’ (via).

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