All seeing

Against Tumblr at Maisonneuve Magazine: ‘But Tumblr, infectious as it may be, is symptomatic of a vacuous taste-making culture that thrives on fickle inside jokes and the immediacy of novelty qua novelty’ / taking custom made Lego set to the extreme; the Eye Creature / love this: Monocle Ipsum (via magCulture) / Remembering Balthazar Korab. See also the Korab Collection at the Library of Congress’s online catalog / American Airlines redesign gets skewered. Has any high profile redesign ever not been slated?


Eyes in the Dark, a weblog about art / The Sea Was Angry That Day, My Friends, an illustration tumblr / the tumblr of artist Craig Sharp / a guide to some of London’s historic execution sites / contemporary art alongside traditional cabinets of curiosities, an exhibition at Newcastle Museum, as seen on Frillip Moolog / Apollo 16 lunar rover dash cam.


At last Dezeen has an opinion, shifting away from the model of posting everything and anything and venturing some critical thinking / we were also unaware of the burgeoning Dezeen Music Project, which has been going for nearly a year / things to watch: the Smoke and Mirrors 48 hour film competition / the late great architecture critic Ian Nairn on the Orient Express, introduced by Jonathan Meades / The War Game, legendary apocalyptic docu-drama from 1965, banned for 20 years / Lindsay Anderson’s If… (1968), in full / chalk and cheese; the latest People are awesome compilation seems confirm Kevin Kelly’s supposition that The Improbable is the New Normal.

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