All play and no work

Something to look out for: The Fleece Press’s forthcoming Long Live Great Bardfield, & Love to You All The Autobiography of Tirzah Garwood (wife of Eric Ravilious), now on sale at the Pallant House bookshop. Simon Lawrence’s Fleece Press has been publishing since 1980, making exquisite books featuring the work of artists and printmakers including John Buckland Wright (the above image is ‘Camber Sands‘, from 1953), Tom Chadwick, Joan Hassall (images), Peter Reddick (images), Leslie Cole, Barnett Freedman and Edward Ardizzone. See also the ongoing work of The Mainstone Press, another things favourite. There are some works by Ravilious and Ardizzone at the Imperial War Museum page of The Google Art Project.


Executive toys. General Motors and Wellstar have developed a LEGO based Visual Management Tool: ‘a three-dimensional visualization system using LEGO® building blocks to track step-by-step progress on everything from vehicle repairs to patient care… the bigger the brick, the bigger the problem’. See also LEGO’s Serious Play website, which explains the corporate brainstorming use of LEGO as ‘a language, communication tool, problem solving methodology, based on the belief that everyone can contribute to the discussion, the decisions, and the outcome’. A lot of management speak there for what is essentially a selection of large, expensive LEGO kits.


Other things. Life Without Buildings has a tumblr, Life Sans Bldgs / Cover Versions, David Horspool writes on the TLS Blog about the mist of uniformity that is descending on book cover design (with genres including ‘The Backs of Women Looking Out over Water’) / godflesh superstar / from the comments a few days ago, a new film, Metropia, with a very dark, hyper-stylized look (trailer) / What Would Gutenberg Do?, ‘exploring the relationship between print and digital media’. Cry, probably.

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