All paintings great and small

Honey, We Shrunk the Art! The Return of the Micro Gallery / creative year zero, with shades of Chris Burden’sSamson‘: Commodity Fetishism, a switch that ‘in all likelyhood will destroy your power supply and, depending on a wide variety of factors, either at minimum damage most of your pre-existing modules or at the worst destroy them outright’ (via Gearnews) / make new beats with the Patternarium / Roland Hauke makes extraordinary guitars / many, many live shows by Mogwai, amongst many, many others at / Dromik, a tumblr / the dying art of the hatchet job / ArtNet goes for the listicle: 7 Unbelievable and Contentious Takeaways from a new documentary about ‘Salvator Mundi,’ the $450 Million ‘Lost Leonardo’ / top ten 35mm cameras from 1982 / By Design: ‘White communists, socialists, feminists, and capitalists tried to engineer society using kitchen design’ / Wallpaper*’s 2021 Architects Directory / the Lloyd’s Register Archives / ‘Tulip, Summit, Mound: can urban properties really be ‘experiences’?‘. A cynic might say that these are essentially public spaces being sold back to us.

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