All over the place, again

Random bits from here and there. Julia Set Explorer, fun with fractals / Coffee Lids, a new book by Louise Harpman and Scott Specht, is subtitled ‘Peel, Pinch, Pucker and Puncture’. A taxonomic trawl through the many variations of the humble plastic coffee cup lid, it’s also a sobering look at the disposable nature of extreme ingenuity (via Kottke) / Cypher is a puzzle game (via RPS) / the National Galleries of Scotland are giving you access to beautiful hi-res imagery / Landscape Stories is a magazine awash with amazing photography, e.g. Daniel Stier’s Ways of Knowing / images of derelict Australian real estate by Jade Nolan, via tmn / learn to play along with alt 80s and 90s indie rock guitar / illustration by Benjamin Flouw / Biblioteca, photographs by Susannah Hays / Micah Lexier has an excellent instagram of found images, numbers, and other things / the Viking Series cars, a history of the concepts built by the Vehicle Research Institute at Western Washington University.

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