All at sea

Koski is a board game that you play with a tablet, a sort of Monument Valley made 3D / what if the Doctor Who theme was recorded by John Carpenter? Or Vangelis? Or even Jean-Michel Jarre? / images of A Room for London, still in place after five years, although currently in hibernation / animated Pelican covers by Henning M.Lederer. See also, as always, The Pelican Project, looking more and more Web 1.0 as the years go by / another blast from the past, things as it used to be / beautiful architectural photography by Sebastian Weiss / archive imagery of post-war Manchester and Salford / explore the image and multimedia collection of Sheffield Hallam University / X-Ray maps of NYC Subway stations, via Kottke / photographs by Maria Gloria Harvey / ‘Musea‘, a photography series by Caspar Claasen / print and film ephemera from the Psychodelic Sixties (sic) / a list of Orkney sea stacks / the ‘Kiravan‘, a six-wheeled supertruck‘ / the story of Wichita Lineman / ‘Walls of water: Hokusai and the Great Wave of Camberwell‘ / photographs by Martin John Callanan / great illustration by Kelsey Wroten / Spaceport America, ‘where the coming of the Second Space Age is already history

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