Airshows and Gridirons

Photographs from the 2001 Moscow Airshow (MAKS). Just a decade old, but they already have such an extraordinary feel of the distant past. Our memory of this event was the total freedom the crowd had to wander everywhere – practically to the edge of the runway. The following year, the Sknyliv disaster changed the way such things were done. It was also notable for the Wing-in ground effect aircraft and a flight demonstration of the only Su-47 ever made. This photograph gives a pretty good sense of the atmosphere.


Elsewhere. A profoundly depressing map. The air smells burnt / a database of Underground buildings in the USA / the Guardian has scraped some database somewhere or other in order to build ‘three million’ pages of album reviews and information. Does this feel less than useful to anyone else? / an archive of the Studio International magazine. Includes features like ‘Art in Gridirons‘, by Francis Arthur Jones.


Inheriting the Hoard. When hoarding is passed down through the generations. Via MeFi. From the comments: ‘re: his dad and all the books – it’s interesting to think about how the digital age has changed the nature of hoarding in a sense. How many books and movies and songs are we all storing on hard drives? Hundreds of thousands, surely. If I had a copy of every paper book that I have on my computer sitting in my house, I would look like a crazy person.’ The truth is that we are pretty much all hoarders now, especially if one thinks in terms of the digital bequests we are going to pass on.

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