The real David Attenborough, a lengthy profile of the 93-year old film-maker and (sometimes) reluctant activist. To follow that up, Kottke always does good science and natural history: Watch Scavengers Devour a Fallen Whale Carcass on the Sea Floor; John James Audubon’s Birds of America / some other things. Far from Being a Temple to Rationality, the Bauhaus Was a “Cauldron of Perversions”. Beatriz Colomina on the esoteric lives, occultism and spirituality of the German design school / “First ever AI, crafted by love”. Yamaha has developed Dear Glenn, a ‘Glenn Gould AI’ using 100s of hours of the pianist’s recordings that made its debut performance at the 2019 Ars Electronica Festival / the DFAB House, exploring new ways of digital manufacturing / there are some fascinating things coming out of this year’s Tokyo Motor Show (courtesy of Cars that never made it, etc.).

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