Accounting for

Book things. Money, money, money, 404 Ink on the economics of contemporary publishing. Matching publishers with corresponding dinosaurs. a series. Both via the always information Mr Benneworth-Gray / ‘Dieter Rams “regrets contributing to culture of overconsumption” says documentary director‘ / Mark Zuckerberg is rumoured to have a secret escape passageway beneath his conference room for emergencies / there is a blog devoted to Landslides / Atomic Playground, images by Clay Lipsky and Greg MacGregor / Still Waiting For a Savior: Before GM Left, Avanti Sold an Ohio Town an Impossible Dream. There’s a certain beauty to these post-industrial landscapes / the Picturephone, AT&T’s experimental concept shown at the 1964 World’s Fair: ‘By the end of the 1964 just 71 calls had been made, probably because the cost of the call was $16-27 for a 3 minute call. The Mod I was never put into commercial production, and an estimated 150 consoles were built for trial use.’

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