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The news that Penguin is planning to relaunch the Pelican imprint will doubtless have many book designers salivating. In the past decade, boosted by Phil Baines’ excellent Penguin by Design, the company has embraced its position as both design icon and leading commissioner of new work. Today, it’s all Pinterested up, fully tapped into the digital stream of imagery and reflecting the micro-trends in visual style and retro graphics. Our very Pelican Project will hopefully survive to inspire.


Dark Art: Spectacular Illusions from the Golden Age of Magic, the story and imagery of tricks from the collection of Zack Coutroulis / what feels like hour after hour of Transformers transforming / Toilets, a photography project by Agnes Sanvito / Heather David, a flickr page, Classic Film, a flickr page / Art Crazed, a fantastic flickr page / photography by Erik Wahlstrom / The Urba Car Story.


More Russian urban exploration / ‘Nothing here will come to pass’: we like this repurposed imagery from the NY World’s Fair of 1964 / OH’s Urban Trawl on ‘Poundbury’s Hidden Reverse‘, a review of Albert Speer – Architecture 1932-1942. ‘Krier’s project at its root is to both de-Nazify classicism and Nazify modernism’.


Art Skool Damage, a weblog about pop culture, art, etc. / Dita von Teese talks about collecting cars, hats and lingerie / a tumble of tumblrs: Swedes in Stockholm; Aesthetic Flow; MidCentury Morbid; 21st Century Relics; Aliquippa; The Importance of Being Modernist; Surplus Plus (we especially like their Shorpy Photoshop fights).

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