A Way Forward

The ghosts of Mark Fisher. On the theorist’s final lecture series, unfinished works, and the exhortation to recognise ‘both the luxuries and privations of modern technologies… Who knows what a culture in which the internet co-existed with strong social security would look like?’ / Kangawa Pavilion by Junya Ishigami / is contemporary iconic architecture simply ‘urban clickbait‘? / ‘The iconic watches that inspired Apple Watch faces‘, a very insightly look at horological history and technology by Arun Venkatesan. See also his post on Louie Mantia’s designs for traditional Japanese playing cards / an auction of classic Detective Fiction, including Freeman Wills Crofts’ The 12.30 from Croydon, which gives a good insight into international aviation in the 1930s when Croydon was a hub of empire. A review by genre aficionado and writer Jason Half / A Chinese Gazetteer of Foreign Lands (via MeFi) / Beats Dissected, a series at Attack Magazine / music by Stray Fossa / other people’s recommendation lists are always worthwhile: Jean Snow / Landscapes of Russia at The Calvert Journal.

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