A selection of recent photography

Photography by Mischa Haller / see also Amelia Shepherd’s project Peacehaven in III parts / photography by Sarah Janes / The Politics of the Office is a photographic series by Andreia Alves de Oliveira, quietly chronicling the subtle ‘system of spatial ‘status markers’ – quantity and quality of furniture, décor, amount of space per person, location within the floor and the building, – put in place to signal hierarchical relations of power, reflecting wider systems that influence life in industrialised society, where material possessions often signify social status.’ / ‘Edgelands‘, by Geoff Hodgson, ‘the non-descript spaces between the Urban and Rural, an ill-defined, constantly changing boundary that separates the City from the Countryside’ / Alexandra Serrano’s moody ‘Postcode War‘ charts ‘various crimes scenes throughout the borough of Hackney, where gang members have violently lost their lives over the last 12 years’ / Cosplay, portraits by Mark Hooton / Nothing here’s set in stone, edge conditions captured by Alex Gale.

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