A selection of links, part 1

Some end of week links, part 1. Built Dublin, ‘A love letter to architecture and public space in Dublin, Ireland.’ / the blog of Frank Chimero / once and for all, they’re LEGO bricks, not LEGOs / two enthusiastic sites from the ‘fuck yeah’ school of tumblr appreciation: shoegazer and shoegaze / the swirling patterns generated by water and wind, via Kotte / living the American dream: ‘Lucin International Airport is what Mr. Zdarsky calls this place, though the only plane that lands regularly in this ghost town a 180-mile drive northwest of Salt Lake City is his own.’ This is the spot / Delve deep into space (via BBC News).


A webchat with Jeremy Deller, currently showing at London’s Hayward Gallery / Ted Davis makes apps, visual experiments and more / see also these Generative Computergraphik from the Visual Communication Institute at the The Basel School of Design / World Map: Metal Bands per 100,000 People (via MeFi) / do dot that thing dot org, a weblog / Photographs on the Brain, a tumblr from LPV Magazine, ‘an online and print magazine dedicated to contemporary documentary and fine art photography’.

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