A selection of links for the weekend

A random selection of links to delve into / all about George Bull, three mediums delve deep into the history of a former chocolate factory / a few weeks ago we posted this image, ‘helmet‘, to our tumblr and it immediately became immensely popular, with several thousand notes. Now notes.husk.org has kindly delved into the origins of the image (it’s called 35 images of space helmet reflection and was compiled by the artist and designer Eric Ulrich) and what it shows. Full confession; we found it as the background to Jim Rossignol’s twitter feed.


We’re late to the gifctrl party / what happens when you splice the Wellcome Collection with Konditor & Cook? , a collection of medically correct cakes (via MeFi) / illustration by David Saracino / a collection of tumblrs: Raniking, Mutant Documents, Fouchtra!, KAPITAL, DESEOPOLIS, art, SHE said, more than 95 theses, what’s a girl to do? / still time to enter tomorrow’s Drawing Marathon.


It’s the end of the road for Volkswagen camper, finally put out to grass due to the half-century old design’s inability to conform to modern safety regulations. The Type 2 van has been made in Brazil since September 1950. A set of 15 classic VW camper adverts. What will Danbury do? / Mecca’s mega architecture casts shadow over hajj, including ‘the Jabal Omar development, a sprawling complex that will eventually accommodate 100,000 people in 26 luxury hotels – sitting on another gargantuan plinth of 4,000 shops and 500 restaurants, along with its own six-storey prayer hall.’ / Sugar Gum House by Rob Kennon Architects / many of the world’s pianos, built a century ago at the height of the global piano boom, are now reaching the end of their natural life. Except in China.


Other things. The Course of London’s Fleet River, via MeFi / the Volvo 262c Bertone, just one of many pieces of Volvo ephemera held at VolvoHobby.com, home of the previously linked Volvo 240 Paper Model / Architectuul, an architecture portal / paintings by Paco Pomet / a bit about the ongoing Tate 2: brick facade tests and the vision for the new building, together with a history of the original Tate / we love the image below, captioned “When this Robe Wears out, Mildred, I’ll Give It to You.” At Saltycotton’s photostream.


The archetypal Flavorwire post: Fascinating Vintage Photos of Beautiful Buildings Being Demolished / A Soviet missile base in Germany that spy planes never saw: ‘This is the launch-pad for a nuclear attack on Western Europe. Soviet nuclear missiles 20 times more powerful than Hiroshima were set up here, primed to be fired at targets including London and nuclear bases in eastern England.’


Things will be intermittent over the next week or so. Please peruse our ancient archives, click through some projects or take a turn on our tumblr.

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