A round-up and an announcement

Smart Bitches, Trashy Books, a criticism blog with claws. Vicious reviews are always so much more fun to read / related, Reasoning with Vampires, a tumblr-powered takedown of the Twilight series / another book, clearly pitched at the tech-savvy, post-ironic generation of new parents: Go the fuck to sleep / Tales of Future Past (via Ask MeFi. See also, ‘Where in the world can I find the most high-tech and futuristic locations? / beautiful prints, drawings and books by Leonie Lachlan.


The world’s most powerful mobile crane / Human’s Scribbles, a design and architecture-based weblog, with a good post on literalist architecture in China / Logo Evolution: we hadn’t realised the abstraction behind the MIT Press logo / …etc, a tumblr. They’ve stayed at the Rosa Muerta, it seems / end of the world notification service. Helpful / interactive toothpick sculpture of San Francisco.


Architecture: “Public Library: An American Commons,” photographs by Robert Dawson / Post War Buildings, a resource for the UK / exploring under London: the Mail Rail, conquered (via MeFi / Invincible Cities, America’s changing urban landscape, photographed by Camilo Jose Vergara (via kottke. See also MeFi) / editorial in Architectural Record: ‘Some of our readers call our annual Record Houses issue the “Swimsuit Issue.”‘


What Courtney Wore Today. Strangely compelling. The advent of blur-free camera phones will kill the mystique for this sort of thing / Black, White and Gray, a tumblr looking at classic photography / The Temporary Blog, an object-focused weblog / Scandinavian for Value, exploring the wilder aisles of value supermarket shopping / Conflict History, interactive maps / culture videos at Crane TV / running up the Eiger.


Is Cereal a Soup? / Chernobyl, 25 years later / Casio F-91W: The strangely ubiquitous watch / Drawger, an illustration site / a few TV history sites, focusing on hardware, not programmes: the South West England Vintage Television Museum, the The British Vintage Wireless and Television Museum and the Museum of early consumer electronics and 1st achievements. Gems abound.


Chernobyl Sarcophagus Mk2, a 20,000 tonne concrete dome which will be slid into place on rails. See also A brief history of moving buildings at Architizer / a set of sound sculptures at Zimoun, which use cardboard boxes and dc motors to make rattling, kinetic architectural spaces. More at their Vimeo channel.


We’re doing this rather quietly, but it’s time to announce a new issue of things. 19/20 has been a few years in the making, it’s true, but it’s available for order from our archive page.

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  1. Definitely some great links to check out here. Thanks for sharing these. Looking forward to reading Smart Bitches, Trashy Books.

  2. things magazine says:

    Fair point. Give us a chance though…

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