A random selection of owly links

We are a sucker for things called ‘things‘. See also Things for iOS (although we’re not sure what this actually does) / really, when did owls take over the internet? In fact, owl imagery seems to be a staple of decorative modernism from the mid-century period onwards. Is it because the owl is a particularly graphic bird? Answers, please / salt maze by Motoi Yamamoto / curious forms by Ivonesio Ramos (via Co.Design) / Pytr75) / Ettagirl, a notebook.


Gas Stations, a set by Notley (via MKTG). The worms-eye view and moody lighting gives these prosaic structures a heroic appearance (apologies for the crop above) that is strangely reminiscent of El Lissitzky’s monumental Cloud-Iron buildings, or Das Wolkenbügel (a fine contemporary photomontage presented by dpr-barcelona – see also these contemporary scale models at Klaas Vermaas’s photostream (which is an absolute treasure trove of Dutch architecture imagery, old and new, including military, industrial/utilitarian, and Brutalist).


Scouting An Abandoned Mental Asylum: A Visit To The Rockland Psychiatric Center, Part 1 (via Projects) / Cape Town nightclubs, 1967-9, photographs by Billy Monk / the Tate Blog / CMYBacon, visual imagery blog / related, how to make Ham Solo in CandyBaronite at show and tell / ‘a collection of web sites stored within Internet Archaeology‘ / Archizines, ‘a showcase of new fanzines, journals and magazines from around the world that provide an alternative discourse to the established architectural press’. For example, Preston is my Paris. See also Clip Stamp Fold, which sets out the historical antecedents of archi-zine culture.


Photosets from rockcreek, including old Washington / Colossal, art and design. Revealing the ubiquity of the series work of art / No, robot: Japan’s elderly fail to welcome their robot overlords / this recent Spanish exhibition on avant-garde toys, los juguetes de las vanguardias, illustrates the genesis of the modern art gallery gift shops the world over / Public Collectors ‘asks individuals that have had the luxury to amass, organize, and inventory these materials to help reverse this lack by making their collections public.’ Like this, the Russian bootleg pressing of Daydream Nation by Sonic Youth.


A selection of Backwards Cars / Misc & Other, a weblog / we like the look of the Note Slate / Solar Park South, an architectural ideas competition winner / epic me-fi post on the art of Stephen Biesty / the cutaway art of Leslie Ashwell Wood, a post at Bear Alley / a how-to guide to architectural modelmaking / now that The Daily is finally here it seems apt to link to Adam Curtis’s archive-sourced portrait of Rupert Murdoch, dating back to when the Rupe ran the world from his townhouse in Sussex Square and not the back of a BBJ.

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