A random selection of links

Some beautiful old photographs at the Surrey Wanderer flickr site / art by Laura McMorrow / LDS ARCHITECTURE: Discovering Great Mormon Buildings / Cartography Comparison: Google Maps & Apple Maps / always fascinated by posts about instant megacities: Ashgabat in Turkmenistan (via MeFi), the land created by the late Saparmurat Niyazov / The Paris Floods: 1910 vs 2016, photographs by Julien Knez / paintings by Jonas Wood / illustrator Matt Lee has a collection of Indian Matchboxes / creating windows with clever 3D graphics, part of Simon Screibt’s ‘Game Art Tricks’ series / the work of artist Terence Tenison Cuneo / the Damen Silos, Chicago, also seen in this elegant drone eye view / Exploring Abandoned Mines / all the Death Scenes from Animals of Farthing Wood / more link revisiting tomorrow, hopefully.

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