A random grab bag

Matt Reading, a tumblr / photography by Juan Manuel González / Twenty Six Types, found letterforms / design at Ersatz Dreams / 529, a minimal tumblr, which sent us off on a Kurt Schwitters image hunt. There doesn’t seem to be an overall repository of the artist’s work (save for KurtSchwitters.org, which chronicles an exhibition in Mexico). Instead, we’re reliant on individual posts, like A Lesson, by Nothing Relevant, an exercise in small scale, home-built monograph making. Perhaps related, The Whatsisname Collection and more at Here Comes Madness (via Me-fi): deconstructed men’s magazines.


Andrew Korf pulls together things from around the web (and links us, gratifyingly) / one thing that has changed substantially in the last few years is the use of tumblrs and blogs to create inspiration sites for college and school courses (e.g. Off the Orange or Camberwell Illustrator, amongst many hundreds of others). The collage mentality of artists like Schwitters, etc., was once a careful and deliberate act, an artistic process. Today, the aesthetics of juxtaposition, shock, contrast, harmony and eclectism are second nature to the current generation of creative minds.


Contrarian Investor Sees Economic Crash in China (7 January 2010), China seeks to tame property boom (10 May 2010) / The Illusiveness of the Entirely Useless, on the art of the Thomasson, ‘unintentional art created by the city itself… urban objects and structures that had had a use in the past, but were now useless… yet someone was still maintaining them, not removing them.’ The connection between Situationism, baseball and the urban drift.


Baker Wardlaw’s ‘Skype Portraits’ series predates the ChatRoulette screengrab phenomenon (related, the man who created ChatRoulette) / Mr 880, the small time counterfeiter who made his own pocket money for a decade / see also the work of JSG Boggs / How to Poach and Egg / Turps Banana, a painting magazine / are you an asker or a guesser? Via ask me-fi.


No Soul for Sale, ‘a festival of independents’ / what the fuck should I make for dinner / hooray for Bing Bunny, a modern classic children’s book / we would dearly like to see some images of the Goodyear Tire Factory models please / Maoscolorida, a tumblr / Hue Shift, an infuriating game.

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