A random collection of things

The Avocado has a page called Let’s Read Old Magazines. See also the Vault of the Atomic Space Age (both via Ask MeFi) / Certificates for Everyday Things / Elmer Fudd, capitalist shill: The auto industry finances Looney-Tunes propaganda, 1950s (via Perfect Roquefort Cheese) / ertdfgcvb is a Swiss design studio that does fun things with your browser / the Turps Gallery is run by Turps Banana magazine / paintings by Kate Bright / ‘discovery of Galileo’s long-lost letter shows he edited his heretical ideas to fool the Inquisition’ / illustrations by Diana Sudyka at Tiny Aviary / the RIBAJ’s Room within a Room competition / Floorr Magazine interviews artists about the way they work / The Shopping Malls and Big Box Stores Gutted by E-Commerce, a gallery at Wired. Photographs by Jesse Rieser. Back to the islands tomorrow.

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