A post that needs a punch card catalogue

Collected Visuals / Today and Tomorrow has a fine portfolio of the BMW M1 by Jan Baedeker / cars and architecture at the Parking Garage Pool / the Christian as Culture Making, the ‘rallying cry for a new generation of culturally creative Christians’ / Anna Winberg Knows Good Books / 4 danger signs to search for before sending off your novel / Ablest Mage, wrongly credited a while back.


As Radio Shack slowly dies, sift through the debris it left behind with the Radio Shack Catalog Archive, including videos, history / An Infographic Evolution of the Bra / contemporary retro fixes continue to be laborious and costly: iPad race game controlled by iPhones / Turnbull nails the arcana of our political tradition.


Browse Donald Judd’s Library (via Coudal). There’s something vaguely unsatisfactory about this site, similar to the way in which LibraryThing is about boasting, and not browsing (unlike the perversely retro iBooks at least tackles this problem) / the Abilene Paradox, or how groups of people do things together they don’t really want to do / Facebook’s Eroding Privacy Policy: A Timeline / a lashed together smartphone music machine. We miss Music Thing.

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  1. Barry Sykes says:

    Hi Things

    Apologies for this self promotion – feel free to delete this upon reading – but as you featured me the other week I wanted to let you know about a performance I’m doing this weekend and this is the only way I could think of doing it. It’s in the Turbine Hall of Tate Modern as part of the big ‘No Soul For Sale’ 10th anniversay celebrations. I’m onstage at 2.30pm on Saturday 15th, please feel free to come along if you can.

    More info here: http://www.nosoulforsale.com/2010 and a bit more here: http://www.i-cabin.co.uk/

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