A plan that comes together

A random selection of things / Fabricio Mora has an eye for good architecture / climb Engels’ beard / simulating bias, the Parable of the Polygons (via Kottke) / projects by Tom Greenall / why America’s ‘worst’ college could be its brightest hope / the art of the glitch by Konrad Wyrebek / save the Coronet, threatened by the lumbering blank slatism of the Elephant and Castle Masterplan. Let we forget, there used to be an Erno Goldfinger-designed cinema just over the road from the Coronet. The site is now occupied by a block of flats that apes (badly) the adjacent Alexander Fleming House (also Goldfinger), but used to be the site of the Trocadero, a monumental 4,000 seater cinema demolished in 1963. Related, the E&C Shopping Centre shortly after opening / also related, Shopping Malls in the 1980s (via MeFi) / from the previous links: art and illusion, a weblog / Spectrascopic, a fabulous tumblr.

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