A new dustbowl

Elon Musk’s grand plans for colonising Mars – a throwaway remark, perhaps – have certainly captured the media’s attention. There’s a whiff of Bond Villain about the whole endeavour, with the totalitarian, almost cult-ish undertones that would inevitably be created by hiving humanity off into two different planetary entities. Naturally, this also conjures up a deluge of imagery, most of it wildly optimistic and inappropriate; the above picture is from i09’s post twenty retro-futuristic visions of the Red Planet.


A small selection of tumblrs: Accessible Exclusivity, imagery and colour / Pinecones and Hearts / the Art of Google, presumably unofficial. They look great en masse. We like this one especially / Lost Images, ‘correspondence between a Royal Navy sailor and his sweetheart in the early 1900’s’ / the retro review, old games and things / the wandrlustr, old things / Fear the Engineer, fun with 3D printing / Bauzeitgeist, architecture.


DBG emerges from the post-natal gloaming to offer up a poem, a parental lament / it’s entirely possible that the recent Acme Catalogue image was taken from images in this flickr set by Dystopos. Check the Found Art section for more gems / Artifice, a literary publisher / how MIDI changed the face of music / the Kottke holiday gift guide. Ours will follow. It will be more cynical, probably.

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