A Monday selection

Passive-aggressive architecture: the story of Spite Houses / retro flash fun with Gary Penn / a look back at Anger, Kenneth / the view from Dawson Heights / in a similar sort of vein, Veronidelica, a tumblr / Cold House, a tumblr with a cars and architecture thing going on / the post-apocalyptic visions of Michal Karcz / Search and Browse every edition of Spare Rib / a vast collection of Avant-Garde and Modernist magazine (via Open Culture) / the CIA opens up its UFO Collection / related: UFO literature / Citroen GS by Jean-pierre Lihou, Toyota RV2, 1972, 1970 Pontiac Firebird brochure, just a few things on show at Karz’n’Shit / more Citroenophilia / Paperholm is an animated paper city by Charles Young (via Faith is Torment) / Aircraft Crash Tests Composite Data Film / small electric car through the decades at Coachbuild.com.

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